Terms and Conditions


Hoppers and Bugs ( and his / her representative ) accepts no liability ( financial or otherwise ) or responsibility for any consequence arising out of the use, or misuse by the Hiring Party, of the items rented. The Hiring Party includes, their family; friends; guests and any children of any age, belonging to any of the aforementioned, whether invited or otherwise.

The Hiring Party indemnifies and absolves the Hoppers and Bugs ( and his / her representative ) completely from any and all liability and / or responsibility for any consequence, which includes :

Death; Injury of whatever nature and Damage to property, arising out of the use or misuse of the product, during the setting up; use and taking down of the Product. This includes the use and misuse of water and electricity.


 Terms and Conditions

All payments to be made “CASH” or electronically transferred (EFT), before the setup of the rented items.
Hoppers and Bugs ( and his / her representative ) will not be responsible to supply extension cords; electricity; hosepipes; water connections etc.
No refunds will be applicable in the event of rain or for cancellations on date of a function. Our Cancellation Policy is as follows :
a. Within 14 days of the function = No refund
b. Between 15-28 days of the function = 50% back
c. Longer than 29 days of the function = Full refund ( less bank charges, if applicable )


Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular – skeletal injuries or disabilities, expecting mom’s, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in or on the inflatable unit at any time.
Accept full responsibility to pay for, the new replacement cost, in the event of theft or serious damage to the rented items from the time of delivery until collection.

The hirer shall not relocate the inflatable item once it has been setup by Hoppers and Bugs staff. The inflatable must be pegged down / secured to a secure, solid fixed point.

The Hiring party must ensure that there is adequate; uninterrupted adult supervision at all times when the rented items are in use. There must not be any, somersaults and rough play, and neither must children of different sizes and ages be mixed.

All damages and theft incurred to rented items and motors while in possession of the hirer or his representative, will be payable by the hirer unless mutually agreed to in writing by both parties. It is advised that security measures be implemented overnight.

No children are allowed to play with or near motors. Motor must not be left in the rain or sprayed with water. ALL power plug points / blowers are covered and not exposed to rain.

We do not supply balls, except with the Soft Play ( Jumping castles illustrated on our website, with balls are solely for display purposes.

No shoes, sharp objects, food; facepainting; streamers; permanent markers or water (except for waterslides) to be allowed on the rented items.

STRICTLY, No adults are allowed on the rented items. Our inflatables are solely for kiddies use.

Where adults are found jumping / playing on the inflatables ,we reserve the right to without prior notice summarily remove our inflatable/s.

Don’t bounce or jump near the entrance of the inflatables– to avoid falling out of the inflatable.

Do not set up near open fire or braai area.

No smoking is allowed on or near the inflatable unit.

In rain all children should exit the inflatable unit. The motor should be turned off stored indoors.

We reserve the right to cancel a jumping castle or waterslide, as late as on the party date on arrival at the clients premises, if the terrain in our opinion, is not suitable, taking into account the safety of the children and / or damage to the jumping castle/ waterslide. Where clients are unsure of the suitability of the terrain, it is their responsibility to seek advice / consult from either Wayne or Anthea, prior to delivery.

We strongly advise against using any inflatable in strong winds, even though they get pegged down, this Act of God can rip these pegs from the ground and blow the inflatable away, with possible loss of life.

In the event of strong winds, we sternly suggest that the client deflate and wait until the wind has completely passed on, before inflating again.

Inflatables will NOT be placed further than 35m from a suitable electrical power point. This is to prevent possible “voltage drop” , which could cause the blower to labour and thereby burnout. This will mean either replacing the motor or having it rewired – an unnecessary and expensive exercise.

Parties / Functions

As Hopper and Bugs, almost every weekend has hectically busy delivery / collection schedules, it is often necessary that we may have to deliver the inflatables etc the day before, to ensure that all clients receive their orders on time. There is no extra charge for the early delivery. Our normal coverage area extends to Richmond; Greytown; Nottingham rd and Hammarsdale, so delivering as far as these places out of necessity entails that there will be times when we may have to deliver the day before.

In the event of you having to POSTPONE your party, for the date booked, 5 days notice is required, and the party will be postponed for a later date, which date will be acceptable to both Hoppers & Bugs Party Planners and the client, however no refunds will be given.

In the event of you having to CANCEL your party, for whatever reason , there is NO REFUND , irrespective of the amounts already paid.

No changes to themes or packages chosen may be made 14 days prior to the date of the party. Any indulgence relating to a change is strictly at our sole discretion, taking various outside factors into account.

Prices of Optional Extras are subject to change without notice.

The “Toy” stated in the party packs refers to a small, novelty toy.

Acceptance of our quote/invoice by way of your payment thus constitutes that you have read, fully understood and accept our terms & conditions.

Please note that our  Gazebos are not suited for strong winds or heavy rainfalls . Alternative arrangements are for the clients responsibility.



For marketing purposes, we reserve the right to record either photographic or video footage, where any of our property is used, whether in public or in private .

We offer delivery & collection. Prices will vary according to distances from our office.
Permit the Provider ( and his / her representative ) to enter the premises, WITHOUT LATER CONSENT OF THE HIRER TO RECOVER ALL RENTED ITEMS  if these are not returned as agreed upon. Furthermore,  that there will be no criminal and / or civil action for the entry and residence onto the premises to recover all rented items against the Provider ( and his / her representative ) .




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